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Good company in chattarpur Affordable prices in jvts garden

Pratyush Kumar

I like the team of AD infra. They are positive and hardworking people. It just that u need to follow up with them, which is fine as they are also a new comer and needs people s support to grow. I will wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Jagpreet Singh

Good property at very reasonable rate further& important on time work & interior are very nice .... I think it is more than value for money Must watch.

Abhay Singh

A D infra height builders is the best builder in chhatter pur keep it up good job. Thank you

Anil Chauhan

I Get in touch with the Builder A D Infra after survey of the nearby areas. Timely possession of the Flat and the using Good Materials are the thrust area of this builder, I experienced.

Dhiraj Kumar

I have done deal with AD Infra and quite satisfied with their dealing/communication approach . I was looking for corner flat and don't believe i missed .Disappointed but got substitute option. Thanks to Mr Jameel. Affordable prizes. Can go with them

Prashant Rawat

They have very cooperative staff . They are available for u any time just drop a text and you will get the call from the concerned person. All the best.

Ram Kishore Jha

It was d best choice to choose ad infra for property deal and they have co-operated in every way to give d best.thanks

Ghanashyam Ghosh

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Power of Attorney ?

This is a written authorisation document where a person (“Principal” or “Donor”) confers authority to another person (“Attorney”, “agent” or “Donee”) to act on his behalf in matters of property, business affairs, financial and Banking transactions, legal matters etc.

This document empowers the Attorney to represent the principal in various matters when the latter is out of country or old and incapacitated or even otherwise not able to take care of one’s property and finance etc.

Power of Attorney can either be in general or limited to a specified purpose. Where the principal is unable to attend various dealings, he appoints an Attorney to perform the required actions on his behalf.

Always grant power Attorney to a trusted aide or family member. This document can have negative consequences if the power is misused by the Attorney. Use this utility wisely. In India The Power Of Attorney Act, 1882, frameworks and guides this type of arrangement

Types of Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney

Where the principal authorises the Attorney to do certain general acts on his behalf. The word ‘General’ here means that the power must be general regarding the subject matter and not general with regard to powers in respect of a subject matter.

Special Power of Attorney

In this, principal confers powers to the Attorney to act on behalf only for specified purpose and the power ceases to exist once the purpose is over or carried out. The transaction can be single or multiple as specified.

Durable Power of Attorney

If you make a durable Power of Attorney or specify the durability factor in the deed, it simply means that the powers of Attorney will remain effective if the principal becomes incapacitated. Generally, the powers of the Attorney is nullified if the principal is incapacitated if the durable condition is not included.

When to use?

  • When you’re looking for an aide to represent you in important matters
  • When a person is unwell and is not in a position to carry out critical transactions
  • When a person is abroad and wants to appoint an abettor to assist in domestic business
  • If you’re preoccupied with other appointments and are unable to concentrate on a project/task

What does it cover?

  • Attorney’s powers related to conducting business
  • Real estate and property matters
  • Selling & Buying investments,operation of bank accounts
  • Power to enter into agreements and registrations
  • Other basic and vital clauses